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Services Provided

Performance Campaign, Broadcast

Team Members

Brian Johnson, Olivia Thompson, Ethan Parker


Miami Florida


Dec 2019

Teslart Sports has successfully organized two editions of Kings of the Courts so far, each with a unique focus. The first event was dedicated to Inter Miami supporters, bringing together soccer enthusiasts and creating a vibrant atmosphere that celebrated the local culture. Building on this success, Teslart Sports orchestrated a second edition, known as the Maradona Cup, which added another layer of significance to the event.

Kings of the Courts goes beyond the typical soccer tournament format. Unlike most competitions where teams vie for the top spot and then disperse, KOTC distinguishes itself by incorporating various elements of the city's culture. The events feature not only competitive soccer but also involve supporters of local soccer teams, local musicians, artists, and food vendors, establishing a connection with the local soccer communities.

In collaboration with both nationwide and local brand sponsors, food vendors, musical performers, and artists, Teslart Sports strives to foster a sense of pride in supporting each city's overall community and culture. Moreover, Teslart Sports is deeply committed to community enrichment, demonstrating this commitment through initiatives such as donations, volunteer work, food drives, and even toy drives during the holidays.

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